Meet Boyd Morson, candidate for Brooklyn Park Mayor!

I was born and raised in Detroit Michigan, a city thirty times larger than Brooklyn Park, a city where I learned to govern, serve and lead. Detroit is also where I met and married my wife of thirty-two years. While in Detroit my wife and I were educated in the Detroit Public School system, where we graduated with honors. I enrolled in college after High School, but ultimately decided to serve you, your family and our country in the United States Navy. After my service I married the love of my life and began our family. Today we are blessed to have raised three children, and share our love with three beautiful grandchildren and two sons-in-law.

While serving in the United States Navy I received the prestigious Honorman Award. An award presented for outstanding accomplishments which included going over, and beyond the call of duty to help my fellow mates. I also served as Religious Petty Officer, Captain of the Swim Team and Squad Leader.

While serving in the US Navy my duties included troubleshooting and repairing the computer systems of F-14 fighter jets. After being Honorably discharged, I returned to Detroit, Michigan where I became involved in many governmental, community, and private endeavors. It was during this time that I learned the inner-workings of a major US city. My areas of strength were/are community engagement and business operation, two skills that lead to my service as:

  • Chairman of the Detroit Policy Council; Policy and Procedures Committee and Budget Committee.
  • Director of PAL-Police Athletic League
  • Co-founder of 7th Precinct Adopt-A-Cop Mentorship program for at-risk youth
  • Executive Board member / Master-at-Arms of the state of Michigan’s Headstart program.

In addition to community service, and high-level governmental appointments, my successes in the world of business make me the ideal mayoral candidate for Brooklyn Park.