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Unlock Brooklyn Park’s untapped Potential and Possibilities: Our Blueprint for Success

My name is Boyd Morson and I thank you for visiting my campaign on the web. I am a 17-year resident of Brooklyn Park, by choice. This is the city my wife and I chose to raise a family because of its great spirit and rich cultural diversity. Brooklyn Park is the city my family supports through volunteer work and community service. Brooklyn Park is my home, and I’d like to become its next mayor.

While we’ve found great joy residing and volunteering in the great city of Brooklyn Park, we recognize its challenges. Inadequate growth, snail’s pace adaptations of technology, and an under-performing economy. Brooklyn Park is the sixth largest city in Minnesota, it’s primed to become one of Minnesota’s jewels, but we have not unlocked the potential of our diverse community. Surrounding communities have grown economically and socially by creating a healthy business environment, Brooklyn Park can benefit greatly by doing the same. I can lead this great community to greater heights of fiscal and communal success.

Although I remain incredibly optimistic of Brooklyn Parks future, I remain deeply troubled and concerned by the baby-step approach we’ve taken to embrace the diversity of our community. To fully realize the potential of our city we must celebrate every citizen. A progressive Brooklyn Park does not allow hue, economic status, race or creed to hinder its growth. I aim to unite our city by celebrating its diverse culture and unique value.

Peoples Choice!

As the “People’s Choice” for Mayor of Brooklyn Park, I believe it’s time to craft alliances that cross racial and cultural divides. I believe it’s time to re-shape our community by creating an environment of inclusion and collective governance.  I truly believe a proud, thriving and unified Brooklyn Park is imminent.  I envision an inspired community, one whose life-long citizens, and new residents work cohesively to build a strong city of honesty, integrity and inclusion. Together, we can become Minnesota’s best place to live, learn, work, play, worship, and conduct business.

This is our moment. Now is the time to guide Brooklyn Park into its next era of greatness. The time has come to unite and proudly stand with proven leader with a clear vision for Brooklyn Park. We the people can create an exemplary city. Together, Brooklyn Park can become the blueprint for inclusion that provides equal access to employment, opportunity and access. “We the People” – We Are One United Together!

I’m Body Morson, and I’m asking for your vote to become Mayor of Brooklyn Park.

Proven Leader.

Meet Boyd Morson

I was born and raised in Detroit Michigan, a city thirty times larger than Brooklyn Park, a city where I learned to govern, serve and lead. Detroit is also where I met and married my wife of thirty-two years. While in Detroit my wife and I were educated in the Detroit Public School system, where we graduated with honors. I enrolled in college after High School, but ultimately decided to serve you, your family and our country in the United States Navy. After my service I married the love of my life and began our family. Today we are blessed to have raised three children, and share our love with three beautiful grandchildren and two sons-in-law.

Military Veteran

While serving in the United States Navy I received the prestigious Honorman Award. An award presented for outstanding accomplishments which included going over, and beyond the call of duty to help my fellow mates. I also served as Religious Petty Officer, Captain of the Swim Team and Squad Leader.

While serving in the US Navy my duties included troubleshooting and repairing the computer systems of F-14 fighter jets. After being Honorably discharged, I returned to Detroit, Michigan where I became involved in many governmental, community, and private endeavors. It was during this time that I learned the inner-workings of a major US city. My areas of strength were/are community engagement and business operation, two skills that lead to my service as:

  • Chairman of the Detroit Policy Council; Policy and Procedures Committee and Budget Committee.
  • Director of PAL-Police Athletic League
  • Co-founder of 7th Precinct Adopt-A-Cop Mentorship program for at-risk youth
  • Executive Board member / Master-at-Arms of the state of Michigan’s Headstart program.

In addition to community service, and high-level governmental appointments, my successes in the world of business make me the ideal mayoral candidate for Brooklyn Park.


I am truly thankful and grateful to the many volunteers who excitingly joined the Committee to Elect Boyd Morson Mayor of Brooklyn Park, but there’s much more work to be done. I need your help to realize my Giraffe-Sized Vision for A Better Brooklyn Park. Sign up today to join my family of nearly 6,000 supporters!

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